Friday, July 15, 2011

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier... Devouring Delicious Delectables

Just thought I'd throw out a plug for a small, but gorgeous eatery in Adelaide; Steven ter Horst Chocolatier at 221D Unley Road, Unley. We came here a while ago now, after a night out with some friends of ours that had recently returned from Japan. Actually, they had known the owner, Steven, from a previous line of work and had introduced us.

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The claim to fame are the hand-made 'Belgian' chocolates... and there's a wide enough selection of these to keep even the most ardent sweet-tooth happy. Including L-kun, who was mesmerised by all of the different types of chocolate. But it was late, so he only was allowed one. Parents can be so cruel.

Supposedly, all the chocolates are named after female figures in his life... don't ask me who the 'Hedgehog' was named after though (I suppose she knows who she is). But the one thing is that they all look absolutely delectable.  

As I mentioned, there's also a range of absolutely divine handmade desserts. Be prepared to do exercise in the morning. In the meantime, grab a bite to eat, and a lovely drink and relax amidst a very soothing (and mouth watering) ambience.

And there's a great selection of drinks to be had - and yes you can even buy from a range of different flavoured teas as well.

Unfortunately I only had my small pocket P&S camera, so the photos aren't that good (and I've avoided showing other people in the photos out of courtesy). I'll have to come back here again (and of course... if I'm there, it would be rude not to grab a chocolate or three). Be warned however, it's only a small cafe, and is very popular. It's advisable to book ahead on 8373 1330... especially in the evening.



  1. They look amazing and you can't beat the taste of a quality hand-made 'Belgian' chocolate.

    Japan Australia

  2. Hmmm - Belgian chocolates are nice... perhaps I should continue the trend and blog about the Belgian Beer Cafe in Adelaide.

  3. They look so good. How could L kun manage to choose just one? You've set my sweet tooth off now, Ben! Of course, now I'm a marathoner in training, I'm allowed these things, aren't I?

  4. My take on it is... if you can run a marathon, you can pretty well do whatever you damn well feel like! ?;-p All this talk of exercise is very uncalled for, and should stop immediately.