Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hanami Time 2011 - Summer's Coming

Well - it's no surprise that Spring is well and truly here in Adelaide, Australia. It was an incredible 30.5 degC today (at noon). And you could tell it as well. The air was hot and strong, a northerly blasting across Adelaide. It's only just turned Spring, and yet already the hot weather's here.

And Spring means blossoms, and that means Cherry Blossoms - or Sakura - for us. We've got a weeping cherry tree, and another small cherry tree (that blooms much later), plus a Chinese Crab-apple that does a good impersonation of Cherry Blossoms. But every year at this time, we get busy in order to have a picnic under our Weeping Cherry Tree. It's a small thing, but we like to maintain at least a semblance of the Japanese traditions for L-kun to be inspired by. Hanami or blossom viewing is an age-old tradition in Japan, where families and groups of people camp out underneath the cherry blossoms and indulge in food, drink, love and life/

The Cherry blossoms were not at their peak - unfortunately half the tree was past their peak, whilst the other half is still a couple of days away. Still, gotta go with what you have at hand, and with weather like this, today was perhaps the best day for it.

So T-chan prepared some zangi (also known as karaage) - a delicious fried chicken, boiled eggs, sausage salad and some ripe and beautiful roma tomatoes. Meanwhile L-kun and yours truly put together some ham, cheese, lettuce and mayo sandwiches.

Of course - what with the hanami without a drink or two. And those that know me, know I'm partial to some Sapporo Beer. Hmmm.... I feel a hot summer coming on.

So here we were earlier today... enjoying our picnic lunch. 

Meanwhile, I'm a little worried that L-kun's taking just a little too much interest in my beer. Whoa tiger... you've got another 14 years before you're going to be enjoying this. 

And T-chan was also able to enjoy some time with L-kun and I... although she worked hard to get it all together. I love you T-chan. Thanks for a wonderful lunch time.

And after a yummy lunch, and a few drinks, it's time to lay back and enjoy the warmth of the new season. Hmm - that sky looks very clear.... ZZZzzzzz zzzzzz. 

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  1. I love the first picture of this post, which is a nice close-up of the cherry blossom. Looks like a fun time under the sakura, but just one worry. L-kun was seriously eyeing off your beer in that shot!

    Japan Australia

  2. Of course - the real beauty of cherry blossoms comes when they're planted en masse. Unfortunetely - never going to have enough room for that.

    As for L-kun... he's a cheeky little lad... But I will now start numbering my beers. Just in case. ?;-p

  3. Mmmm.... I want some beer now!!

    Nice submission tot he September J-Festa. :)