Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plus Two at 19 Weeks... Getting A Wee Bit Cramped For Room

 Well yesterday we had our 19 week morphology scan and everything came back well ... it was an amazing experience that was good to share with our son, L-kun... soon to be big brother L-kun. The one thing that I was a little disappointed in however is that the ultrasound specialists had a policy against allowing video or photos to be taken, so unfortunately we've only got the print-outs to show.

Our baby, +2, was a little less cooperative this time around... not quite so much room to manoeuvre in the womb (compared to the 12 week scan), and that meant mummy had to perform a few rather interesting position changes on the ultrasound bed. All made the more interesting because she had a very full bladder (something that's required for the ultrasound, and involves drinking 500ml of water without going to the toilet). Very uncomfortable. Still, there are some sights that are worth a little suffering for (says the comfortable daddy). A high five from your baby in the womb is one of them.

So the 19 week mark is the last major (medically) important ultrasound that you get here... in a normal pregnancy, though you might have plenty of obstetrician-based ones. As the baby gets bigger, it becomes harder to get good images anyhow (from what I remember). So, these may be the best images we can expect for a while.

And so did we find out the sex of the baby... well, the sonographer put it this way, it's a 50:50 bet, but in her opinion it was going to be a... oh well... we can all wait, can't we? 


  1. Oh, so exciting!! Why aren't you telling us if it's a boy or girl??

  2. Yeah it's pretty exciting. but the whole sex thing for the moment we want to keep to ourselves so that we can enjoy the moment more to ourselves. ?:-)

    Any suggestions for what it will be?... and did you use Japanese names at all (we found coming up with a Japanese name for L-kun was actually the hardest part of it all - whilst his English name came by itself... after the birth).

  3. We use English first names and Japanese middle names. We used parts of family names for both the Japanese names. I think it is fun to think about all the different kanji that can be used.

    I have a feeling you guys are having a girl. But either way... L-kun will love having a sibling!

  4. Same here - our son's first name is English with a middle Japanese name. Unfortunately that means he's only got a katakana name first up.

  5. amazzzzzzzing, looking forward to experiencing the joy of fatherhood and the excitement of ultrasounds! L-Kun must be excited too!

  6. Any time Jamaipanese?.... it's a wonderful experience that is almost entirely impossible to do justice to in words.

    Actually L-kun's been great, and he can't wait for baby to come... of course, I can imagine things changing a little after the birth when he's looking for more attention. But I'm sure he'll love being a big brother.