Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Photo Walk in Adelaide Botanic Gardens Pt 2

Well, this is the 2nd of three posts on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk.  As I mentioned on the earlier post, I was not really feeling very motivated in the morning, and getting into the gardens late didn't help either. Now, I'm no photographer... I've had no training, and owe more of my style to using a point&shoot than a DSLR... but I enjoy taking photos. At least normally. However I can say that today there was definitely a lack of fire in the belly, and no matter how I tried to pump myself up, I felt a distinct lack of creative energy. And when the juice has dried up, it can be very disappointing to know that your photos are going to be lacking. Still, even in a funk, you can enjoy some photos... which is pretty well the set that I'm putting up here. For 2 hours of walking, I got perhaps about 40-50 shots that I was halfway satisfied with, but only about 5-10 shots that made me feel happy.

I wonder if you can tell which of the photos I particularly liked from the set (with one post still to go)... often times it's not the photos that get the most +1s or comments.

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