Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Horrors... Getting a Spring Cold

Well - yesterday was Halloween (of course, you most probably knew this... as you it was Halloween where you were). However, Halloween isn't greeted in the same way all over the world. Whilst it's origins are from celtic lore (based on the tradition of Samhain... the day when the veil between this world and the next is thinnest), it has become a largely Northern American thing in the eyes of most Australians.

Now in Australia, Halloween is still seen as something of a new thing... and only in the last 2-5 years has there been a concerted push by the retailers to generate some interest in it. In the previous two Halloweens we've spent at our new home, we have only had two groups come to our door. Before that, in our old place we had never had anyone trick-or-treating.

T-chan's Halloween Puff-Pastry-Custard-Cream delights

Actually - we've all been having colds this last week... and whilst we thought we were getting over it, that doesn't seem to be the case. So whilst we were scheduled to have a day up with my family to celebrate my sister's birthday - we instead stayed home recuperating. We had however bought an easy costume for L-kun to wear to my parents house (alas... that will have to keep).

Despite the colds, L-kun wanted to dress-up in his scary costume. Hi Grandma and Grandpa!... see you soon. You better have some of your Grandma Biccies ready... or else...

Of course - rubber masks can lose their appeal after not very long...

And our sweet little angel appears again...

But what's this... it was all just an illusion to let our defences down... and now the blood-letting can begin in earnest. "I want to drink your blood... and orenji juusu, choudai" (orenji juusu = orange juice...obviously, choudai = please).

As the afternoon turned to night... a knocking could be heard at the door. Who could that be?.... L-kun knew something was afoot. And as the creaked open (we should really oil that thing), we were greeted by four little surprises. "Trick or Treat!"... of course the idea of tricks nowadays is pretty well a redundant thing- but luckily we had prepared some choccies just in case. L-kun loved the surprise, and loved the costumes.
Trick or Treat!

 We spent the next hour waiting for the knock at the door... and yes, there were three other groups (but these guys above won the prize). He still wanted more monsters to come visiting and we played hide-from-the-monsters for the rest of the night.

L-kun wanted more... but... unfortunately, he'll have to wait a couple more years before it becomes popular. By then he'll be out trick-or-treating himself. However - L-kun should have been a little less "excited" last night, because he came down with a strong fever and ended up sleeping with Mummy and Daddy (who didn't get much sleep last night himself). We thought we were all over the colds, but they seem to be coming back with a vengeance!

To be honest, I don't mind the Halloween fun... as long as it doesn't become too commercial. It's also fighting a growing trend for people to remove themselves away  from communities (through high fences and forbidding facades), and the fear of what people do these days... for example I'm not sure I'd be happy to give anything that wasn't individually wrapped. Still, I hope it does beat the trend, and act as one of the few bridges that brings our neighborhoods together. Actually Halloween is becoming very popular in Japan as well... the Japanese love occasions, and don't mind where they come from. Are we really so different?

Well as I write this... I'm coughing, T-chan's got a fever, and L-kun is getting over his 39.5 degC fever. It's a sick day today... but back to do some work from home (L-kun's quietly watching television, so that makes it possible).


  1. Thanks - L-kun has another night of fevers... and both my wife and I are still having high-temperatures (but at least my cough is going).

    頑張っています... I'll do my best.

  2. I am not a fan of Halloween. (But I really should type up my Halloween post, huh?) I remember when I came to Japan 18.5 years ago...Halloween WHAT? Now, we get a little tiny section of goods at the supermarket. I can't decide if this makes me happy or not. Could really do without the whole ordeal. I'll explain more in my post...when I get the gumption to write it up. : )
    L-kun looked very scary in his costume!
    Hope you all are getting better!

  3. Finally getting better (then again it's now mid-November). The flu going through Australia at the moment is very persistent.