Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday - Grandpa!

29th November, 2010 - We interrupt my post on the Rose Garden at the Botanic Gardens with an extra special post. Today was my father's birthday - and even though the family gathered yesterday, L-kun wanted to do something for Grandpa.

This morning, L-kun decided to draw a birthday card for Grandpa. And right now... there's drawing to be done, and that takes concentration. 

Daddy wasn't sure that it was off to a good start however... L-kun, what are you doing? 

And whilst I was able to suggest that black wasn't the best colour (even if it was the right colour to match the stars that he was drawing... as he wanted to draw the night sky). He did however want to try out a range of different colours  

And finally - with a little bit of help from Daddy to write...ok, perhaps a bit more than a "little" help... the final unveiling. Grandpa holding a birthday cake (with lots of coloured candles).

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Cheeky L-kun!

It may not be a birthday cake, but L-kun put his heart into it. It may also be just a little less fattening than Krispy Kreme doughnuts we had yesterday! Anyway, L-kun wanted to visit Grandma and Grandpa again this morning, but being monday, Daddy was off to work again . Hang in their L-kun, we'll be back again soon. 

Seriously, it's never easy, whether it's Japan or in the nicer parts of the South Australian regions, to be able to catch up with grandparents when you want to. Our lives are  so full these days with the things that we think matter... only to forget those things that do. Those lessons begin when you're young, and we thank L-kun for being such a good teacher.

And for the last word on the subject, I bring you L-kun... even if he wants to sing it a tad bit too fast.

And it's mystery to us why he called out Obasan (auntie), but we think that's just the cheeky kind of child he is. Cheeky L-kun!

Grandpa, tanjoubi omedetou gozimasu (Happy Birthday).


  1. Happy birthday to your father.
    I understood how L-kun speaks and sings both in English and Japanese. Grand Pa must be proud of his grand son.

  2. Yeah, it's a little funny when halfway through L-kun stops to say "hayaku"...meaning, Daddy - I'm going to sing this song fast.

    He's getting much better at differentiating the right to time to use the right language, but at his age there's still moments.