Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in Adelaide's Rundle Mall...

Adelaide - as I've mentioned, doesn't really have a huge "christmasy" feel to it... apart from a few obvious (and some might suggest overly ostentatious) trappings. Of course, for a 3 yo, it's all good stuff. And the one thing that they've done reasonably well this year is to provide some free entertainment for the kids in our main shopping area in the city, known as Rundle Mall. Ok... is it really hitting the Christmas message? No. Is it fun for kids? Yes. 

L-kun had a ball riding the tea-cups with Daddy and Mummy... hey, Mummy... smile for that camera! ?;-)
Almost a world exclusive.

Any way, it's not quite the Christmas look and feel that you might expect (especially from the Northern Hemisphere)... but the weather in December is normally a warm 30+ degrees, with a few milder days thrown in. This year has been strange... most of the days have been in the low 20's, with lots of rain and lots of wind. The weekend for example was a horrible, sometimes sunny, sometimes bucketing down with rain. Supposedly, the weather will turn around and we'll get 34 degC for Christmas. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I am hoping for a hot Christmas this year!

Apart from a few concessions to shade in Rundle Mall, Adelaide's shopping areas are not really geared up for wintery weather. Unlike the huge underground malls in Sapporo, T-chan's home. But there's something also pleasant about an open mall. It's a civilised way of living - if not that convenient.

Still - you make the most of what you've got... L-kun was sooo happy to see the Rock'n'Tug boat... and we've long since discovered that these things make for great motivational tools... "L-kun, if you behave we can go for a ride on the tug-boat....".  I guess we shouldn't be surprised that children learn to be manipulative from an early age... they have good (and persistent) teachers.

So with only a few days before Christmas, I guess I should get into the spirit already... And wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a very relaxing Boxing Day to you too Santa-san!

PS - One final note - can anyone seriously look at this and not think of the marshmallow man from the movie Ghostbusters? Or is it just me?

PPS - And for all those that know about Adelaide, you might now know where exactly the Mall's Balls came from.... Christmas baubles of course. What did you think I meant?...

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