Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Great Winter Day... A Day in the Park

Well winter is essentially here, and even though there are a few autumnal leaves clinging willfully to the branches, there is an inevitability that the days will continue to get shorter, and the nights colder. And it's in this environment that as a parent, you need to make the most of clear, warm-ish weekend days.

For L-kun, that meant getting out and about. And that meant getting on his bike and riding to the park on his new bike.

And what a cheeky day it was... L-kun is getting to be quite the character. He's quite the cheeky one.

And he's definitely more physically active now... enjoying sporty stuff more (which he didn't before). Of course, for him those things mean largely running, jumping, falling, throwing, yelling and laughing.

Sometimes a bit more falling than is proper, but it's all part of the growing up process.

Still, it's always fun - no matter what is going on. And if mum and dad are playing too, then that's just about perfect. He loves racing his parents, and he's got a lot more energy than either of us.

And it's a good thing the ground is nice and soft...actually, it was nice that during the games at the park, L-kun played baseball with a couple of other children (quite a bit older). He most probably hasn't had as much opportunity to play with "Aussie" children as he hasn't been to childcare. He's always had plenty of Aussie-Japanese children to play with. At this age, I'm not sure that children discriminate. Children will be children - we learn to discriminate after a few more years of conditioning from the outside world.

But, all days come to an end, and as it's now officially winter, the late afternoon air does get nippy... even if it's a lot warmer here than in many parts of the world.

So the family returns home, after a really excellent afternoon out... after all, you gotta make the most of the opportunities given to you.

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