Sunday, June 5, 2011

My First Bike...L-kun Finds His Cycle Legs

L-kun recently got his first bike as a present from his Aussie Grandparents... with a little help from Mum and Dad. A 40cm bike from Cyclops (a local brand of bikes). Hopefully the name, Fracture is good luck rather than bad.

L-kun has been quite excited about getting a bike, and T-chan took him out for his first bike ride the other day (with our handy little Lumix FS7 cam).

He seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly though. The good thing about these bikes is that he's still got a fair bit of adjustment for anticipated size increase... but scarily, it wasn't too big at all.

And it wouldn't be called learning how to ride a bike if there wasn't just a little falling off the bike as well. I'm not sure why the cheeky smile however... maybe to reinforce the idea that he meant to fall off, rather than it being by accident. I'm sure it won't be the last stack... not by a long way.

Still, no damage done... and smiles lasted all day long (and indeed he went out for a second ride later in the day). I wonder how long the training wheels will stay on... that will be a fun experience teaching him to ride without trainers.

Thanks for the birthday present Grandpa and Grandma!


  1. Big day for L-kun. He found a big pleasure. I can imagine.

  2. Yes.... it's a big day (and he's had lots of them recently). I'm sure that he'll have a lot of fun on his new bike. Shame we're moving into winter!