Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adelaide Show Teaser - Part 1

Well it's almost time for the Adelaide Show again folks (all 0.75 of you - and I mean that in a totally appreciative way)... but I confess I was totally slack, and didn't post my photos of the 2010 Show. Mainly because I hadn't started my Raising Adelaide blog at that stage. Anyway - I thought it'd be good to put up a few of my fav (non-T-chan) photos.

The Adelaide Show, like most around Australia, is an agricultural show at it's heart. That means, lots of pigs, cows, sheep, lots of horses, dogs, cats and things that go tweet. It also means lots of people in from the country to enjoy the one time a year when the city and the country properly meet to cross-fertilize.

For many people in the city, we don't often get the chance to see these sorts of farm animals... so an important thing for us to realise where all those bacon rashers are coming from!... sorry Miss Piggy. 

Ah - a T-chan photo... how did that slip in. The yellow bag is called the "Yellow Brick Road" bag, and is one of those walk from A thru to Z collecting samples as you go type things. T-chan was happier with it than me, but I'm such a grump when it comes to meeting expectations. 

Just call me Angus.... hmmmm... you look deliciously Grand!

I'm not sure where they all went, and perhaps I wouldn't want to know...L-kun, I think they cows have gone away for a holiday. No, I'm pretty sure they don't have an abattoir next door to the showgrounds.

 Inside the Jubilee Hall you can always find a great range of different stalls, shows, and exhibits. It's always worth checking out the arts sections there - especially the photographs.

Ah - I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a giant tarantula crawling up your chest, and YOU'RE MADE OF STRAW!...  

Now I'm not a MOTORHEAD, but it's always fun to see the cars race around the Showgrounds track. L-kun loves it too. Not sure how good it was for my camera however.... 

And just to wrap up the manliness line, the Adelaide Show's always got a good wood-chop competition going on. What is it with wood-chopping. I don't know, but I doff my hat to these guys. They definitely earn a cold one (and many of them appear to have been taking up that offer, in true Aussie-man style). It's a hard life in the country, and opportunities are fewer than you might imagine. I have lived (in a former life)  in the country, and have been known somewhat as a country boy by friends and colleagues.

Still, there's a good spirit about many that live in the country that often doesn't extend it's way into the city. It's a shame that the younger people seem so lost, and drifting off towards the city, or to oblivion... Things like the annual Show, and yes, wood-chopping provide a purpose and a inner direction that can be important for people in the country...

But the Show's not all about the country.

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