Friday, August 26, 2011

Adelaide Show Teaser - Part 3

After a day at the show, you can start to just wonder how you managed to pull through. Fairy floss, deep-fried "things" and a good amount of caffeine (or related products) is a common reality. We'd actually thought we'd head off back home around 5pm-ish, but L-kun seemed to be doing just fine so we figured why not stick around. And we did - in fact to closing time (around 9:30-ish from memory).

Now at one point, T-chan let me go off and take some photos whilst she looked after L-kun. I haven't taken much in the way of night shots, and the Showgrounds is a little bit like cheating (with all that electricity pumping through the lights, it's hardly night-time). Anyway, I thought I'd just indulgently put up some of the photos... not that exciting, but I thought I'd throw them up for the hell of it.

Didn't quite get everything exposed just right on the one below - yeah, should have thought about a multi-exposure, but I was working against the clock.

The good thing about the Show is that you get both good light, but also lots of movement. Makes for some interesting effects.

A slightly different perspective.

I do love the CARN-Evil!... who wouldn't? The funny thing is that I've never been in a good haunted house. Do such things exist?

Speaking of haunted houses.... I loved that this one was in Live 3D. Of course, we're all in live 3D, but I'm sure that was part of the humour. I hope.

Colour and movement...

And it wouldn't be a Show if there wasn't Show Food. And lots of it. Why is it that after 8 hours in the Show, we can still go back for more sugary goodness?

I wonder if they remembered to smile?

Did I mention anything about my fear of heights? Not for me... even though this is a tame one. Comparatively.

And then, it was fireworks time. L-kun loves fireworks, and I guess he gets that from his parents. The Adelaide Show fireworks are run both in an early evening and end-of-the-day format. L-kun got a double serving.

And was looking for more well after they had finished.

Or were we simply following the crowd?...

So that was my fairly quick tale of our night at the Show... and I didn't even mention anything about Show Bags. Hint - expecting to get good show bags at the end of the show is an exercise in futility! However, L-kun came out of it happy, and Mum and Dad came out without too much damage to our wallets.

With just over a week before the Show starts again... we're charging ourselves up mentally - and physically - for the coming onslaught. Stay tuned.

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