Monday, April 25, 2011

Leaving Japan... For Now...

Well, I sit at the Qantas Club in Narita Airport with mixed feelings. Well, actually the feelings are generally one of disappointment that the holiday's over and also that I'm leaving T-chan and L-kun in Japan (even though it's in the safety of Hokkaido). Actually, as I was sitting down to write a few emails, there was a short, sharp (though fairly significant) earthquake that was strong enough to get the Q Club staff excited (and asking us to get away from the windows where the computers were located). All very dramatic...and perhaps a fitting way to end the trip.

It was a great trip - filled with lots of new and different experiences. I'm so happy to have come now - though I will admit that there were moments when I questioned the sense of it. Even in this environment where Japan is suffering (and in tourist and economy-wise is still suffering) there can be moments of happiness and lightness. I can only hope that a new day dawns on Japan, and the Rising Sun brings a prosperous - and let's face it, lucky - new era. This is almost certainly a changing point for way or another. And with each challenge there are many opportunities for positive change. New beginnings - in a country that has both the long history of resilience to nature's fickleness, and the ability to re-invent itself in times of need.

Nippon, ganbare!

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