Monday, April 11, 2011

Status Update - Tokyo Phase Over, Kyoto Phase Begins

Hi all - this is just a very quick update - our last few days in Tokyo have been very enjoyable. Yes, there's definitely still disruptions going on (including earthquakes), and there's some things that are either closed (e.g. Edo Tokyo Museum) due to earthquake damage, or more typical cancelled due to the "mourning period". Well - the wedding was a great success... and the Sakura truly impressive. We're about to head out of Tokyo tomorrow morning. Will send an update soon.

Keep safe everyone.


  1. Did you get my email?
    With all these "little" earthquakes going on, I've been worried about you. Glad you are all OK - and heading out of Kanto and into Kansai. YAY! Enjoy Kyoto!!

  2. Welcome to Japan, Ben.
    I enjoyed a short Kansai trip, too.
    Cherry blossoms must be at their best now!
    Enjoy Kyoto!

  3. Glad you're having a good trip.

  4. Thanks all - sorry for slackness in updating. I've only had 30 seconds in front of pc the whole time so far... but now we've all made it to Sapporo, I should have a little more time.