Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On My Way! The Big Day Has Arrived

Well finally, I'm at Adelaide Airport. But what a journey. I had the day off work (and was actually thinking of going to work today it was that busy), but it was a good thing I didn't. I haven't had a chance to relax. Even now as I sip from a beer in the Qantas Club in Adelaide Airport, I'm pretty juiced up on adrenalin. You would think that years of international travel would mean that everything goes like a well-oiled machine. However, complacency is ever comfort's enemy. I left too much to the last day, and it showed.

Well - I'm here at least. The first leg of my journey to Japan - to be reunited with my wife. Thankfully my brother's house-sitting so that T-kun (our cat) won't be too lonely whilst we're away. What a day, what a week, what a month. Seriously - I've been running on about 5 hours sleep a night for the last week, and even last night it was a 1am sleep, 5:30 am wakeup. I don't know what sort of state I will be in when I finally arrive.

So... the journey begins. Yet - to keep things nicely segmented, I won't post too much detail here, but rather get around to it on my Japanese Ties blog... in about 12 months. ?;-)

See you all on the flip-side!

PS - News from Japan is mixed at the moment, they've apparently managed to close up the leak (by just about every known technology known to humankind by the sounds of it), and yet at the same time they've just released 11,500 tonnes of radioactive water into the Pacific. I'm not sure how to reconcile those two things (is that a YEAH! or a Huh?). To make matters worse, they've detected high levels of radiation in some of the fish-life around that area. Hmmm.... sushi's looking a tad doubtful (at least until I get to Sapporo).

PPS - you'd also have thought that I would have known not to have packed a wine bottle into my carry on luggage. I did know not to... but such was the mad dash to the taxi pick-up time, that many things (including common sense) went by the by.


  1. Thanks... hoping to have a safe trip most of all. I'm sure there will be plenty of wonder on top of that.

  2. I'm envious man. Have an awesome time!