Monday, May 16, 2011

A Tokyo Wedding... Pt 4 The Intermission

After a short break to allow some "changes" to occur for the bride and groom, the reception goes into a funny intermission period - a good time to eat, and catch up on some drinks.

 Speaking of which, it's sort of customary for the parents to go from table to table offering each of the guests a drink. Let's just say there's always a staff member around with a top-up bottle if required.Of course,  most of the guests are from Tokyo or S-chan's home which is just outside of Tokyo... so there's lots of greeting for the first time. 

For Okaasan and Otousan, this is a chance to catch up on school and business colleagues of their son that they wouldn't have seen in a long while. Some of these have also traveled a long way. They have a close knit family, and Okaasan and Otousan are well known back in Sapporo...and were rapidly becoming well known here in Tokyo.

Of course, it's a hard time as well... and exhausting work. That a lot of hand-shaking, pouring, bowing and smiling... it's a service done with the heart, but also one that will wear out parents very quickly.

And most probably about now, Okaasan is thinking that it's a good thing that she only had two children and their both thankfully taken care of... a holiday is due!

And S-chan's family were also making the rounds... and of course, each person receives a visit from both families. Of course, Japanese events are filled with alcohol (for good or bad). After all, today is also an opportunity for friends and family to let their hair down a little bit.

Having experienced my own Japanese reception (actually - oddly conducted 5 months before the wedding!) I know how hard these greetings and official duties can be. So my hat goes off to the parents who did a truly excellent job.

Of course not everyone was getting stuck into the vino. Some people were trying their first experience at a fully knife and fork set. He's such a natural. And the hotel made up a special dinner just for L-kun.  You know, I sometimes wish I could wear a bib to go out.  Looks quite stylish and, for some of us, it might help avoid those accidental spillages.

Then again... sometimes things aren't as easy as they first appear. Ganbatte L-kun!

And sometimes... it all just seems like some kind of bizarre torture invented by a sadistic adult to torment and embarrass young boys... Someone should really have a look at these silly things, they must be broken!

When not eating at such events, a parent's got to have a goody bag handy... such that there's always something to keep a young boy interested (and quiet?). L-kun loves puzzle books and it'll keep him occupied for hours. Of course it's a little old school... I guess nowadays children have their own iPads (he scoffs derisively, pondering what life would be like if he had his own iPad).

And of course, amidst all of this indulgence going on, who was I to resist the drink of the gods (ok, those gods who tended to spend lazy evenings getting slightly hammered that is...). I'm partial to a drop of the red, and whilst Japan's not the first place I'd think of when pondering places to drink wine... they actually have a reasonable selection (mostly imported, but quite a growing domestic industry too).... 

But enough about drinks, here's to the bride and groom (whom should be here again, any minute now)... er... <insert throat clearning sound here> any minute now....


  1. Nice party! And very red wine! I guess it's the best wine in your area. The childrens are really cute in those suits, the last one looks like a business man in miniature! All the good thoughts for you!

  2. It was a great part... and yes, very nice wine (though from memory it was imported, French I think).

    Sometimes it's easy to forget that he's not yet 4, especially when he's dressed up so smartly.