Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome Home... and Happy Birthday

 Well this week saw my beautiful (though mysterious) wife T-chan and our wonderful little boy, L-kun, arrive back in Adelaide, after about 2+ months away in Japan. That's a long time, but about on par with our annual family migration. But, whilst it may be "normal" it's still a struggle. I have to say that I was genuinely relieved to  see the two of them coming out of the customs area in Adelaide Airport... safe and sound. I could have happily cuddled L-kun all the way home.

I had taken a couple of days off, and was enjoying spending time with both T-chan and L-kun... especially as it was L-kun's birthday. It's a bit weird to celebrate a birthday after having traveled such a long way. L-kun was still full of beans even after 24 hours of traveling, but T-chan was getting very sleepy by the start of the evening. It's always a very draining time for her to say goodbye to her parents. It's also always a draining time for me to be apart from them all as well (i.e. draining through lack of good sleep, good diet, exercise, and not least of all... cuddles).

We were still able to enjoy a nice birthday cake together, before L-kun went off to bed, and we both followed shortly after... it's been a long 4 weeks since last I saw them in Japan. I was so happy to have them both home, and it whilst it's always enjoyable to have our annual trips, it's also nice to be able to look forward to just plain old 'normal' relaxing time.

Welcome home, and happy 4th birthday L-kun!


  1. L-kun looks like he was in good spirits amidst all the traveling. Glad he had a happy birthday. It must be nice having the family back. ^_^

  2. He travels very well... sleeps on planes and doesn't get noisy at all. He's a brilliant little trooper. The only thing is that he's a kicker (in his sleep), so it can be difficult to get a good night sleep for the parent.

    And yes - much relieved to have the family back together again. The house always feels so empty and quiet without them... and as good as Skype is, it's no where near good enough to replace the feeling of being with someone.

    Still... it's part of our life, and reunions are definitely the best part of being apart.