Monday, May 23, 2011

A Tokyo Wedding... Pt 7 Like a Breath of Fresh Air.

The penultimate post... and this was a little bit different. The weather had cleared up - enough for us to venture outside with the family and close friends for another series of photos. And to enjoy the gardens of the Hotel New Otani. The skies may be a little grey - but they say that makes for perfect photography (ok... that most probably matters if you know what your doing in the first place).

Actually, we didn't get to see much of the gardens - although L-kun was happy to explore (you can just make him out above). The gardens are quite well appreciated, and always draws a crowd on weekends - so finding a nice spot and waiting for people not to be overtly in frame was difficult. It's a good thing that H-kun and S-chan had already had their formal photos done in the garden prior to the day.... when there were less people and better weather.

I quite like this shot - reminds me of some 70's tv drama photo... they're the Avenging Couple, fighting crime on the streets and in the chapels. I'd watch that show.

S-chan's doing very well to keep herself going after a very long day (and it's only half finished). I don't know how they did it... but I'm sure they were looking forward to a break.

And H-kun looked on with sweet love in his eyes... I wonder what he was thinking of? Most probably having a good sleep. Weddings are always so exhausting... but so exciting too.

Well - that's a short post... to be honest, I was hoping to have taken more photos outside, but the problem with the Hotel New Otani is that they run multiple weddings simultaneously, and they allocate patches of fenced off garden for the couples... but one of those spots was directly in-front of ours, so for about 15 mins, all you could see in the background were tens of people milling around another wedding couple.

Actually - as T-chan and her parents had gone off to get out of their formal clothes, I suddenly realised that I didn't know where they were, or when they were going to be coming down. All I knew was to meet them at the front lobby. about 40mins later... they finally arrived (I'm  sure the hotel staff were wondering who the strange gaijin was with the camera standing around the lobby).

So - one more post to go... whew... this stuff is hard work, for you and me.


  1. love his suit! I hope I look at least half as dapper on my own wedding day, the bride is also beautiful. Great photos

  2. Thanks... but trust me, there were a lot of crap photos taken that day (the wine drinking didn't help, but neither did trying to use a long lens inside with low light, and trying not to use a flash. It was very frustrating to see limitations of my camera, and myself as a cameraman.

    Glad they had a professional photographer!