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A Collection of Favourite Japanese Recipes (work in progress)

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Takoyaki - Delicious balls filled with hot steaming octopus. A favourite food for enjoying on the street and at home. This dish uses a similar batter to okonomiyaki (see below) but requires a takoyaki cooker - this can also use so called Dutch Pancake cookers if they are deep enough. Takes a little practice but yummy and fun to make.
Jingisukan - This is a Japanese variant on the good old Mongolian BBQ, and is a speciality from Hokkaido in particular where it's cooked with lamb, or more commonly mutton. This is one of my all time favourite meals. It requires a "hat" to cook the best in order to drain the juices away, but can be 
Sukiyaki - This is a well known nabemono or Japanese hotpot dish. Like many of these dishes, there's a focus on cooking the meet with the vegetables to infuse the flavours. Sukiyaki is also well known for dipping the cooked meat into a beaten raw egg. Simple and direct cooking on the table.
Tonkatsu - A Japanese pork schnitzel recipe that's beautifully crispy and yummy. These are simple to make with common ingredients (though best cooked with Japanese bread crumbs).
Shabu Shabu - This is another of the famous Japanese nabemono or hot pot dishes. This uses a special dish to get the broth to a very hot temperature, such that the thinly sliced meat cooks in seconds with a characteristic shabu shabu sound.
Okonomiyaki - This is a Japanese savoury pancake that's made with a combination of a flour batter, cabbage and meat. The name literally means "what ever you want" and reflects that it's a dish where you use which ever ingredients or flavours you like. An easy dish to cook which is yummy and surprisingly filling.
Yakitori - This is a Japanese staple fast food... skewers of chicken (amongst other meats) interspersed with all sorts of goodies, basted in a delicious and simple yakitori sauce.
Temakizushi - This is one of the simplest of Japanese dishes: hand rolled sushi. Sushi's normally associated with perfect presentation and certain degree of skill... all of which is completely optional for this easy and fun family dish".


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