Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Family Perspective of the National Rail Museum

I thought I'd just put up a few more photos from our trip to the National Rail Museum from last weekend... and yes, it's just an excuse to share some photos of L-kun. Especially with Otousan and Okaasan back in Sapporo.

As mentioned previously, L-kun has a habit of being totally underwhelmed (at least externally) when we've visited "events". Except for fireworks. And parties. So it was with some doubts that we approached the Thomas day; especially given that L-kun's not really a Thomas fan. Perhaps thanks to his parents manipulation and denial of universal Thomas rights. Still... he was saying for the whole week, "Daddy, Mummy - when can we see Thomas?".

Now, we were introduced to the Fat Controller in the previous posts. He was sort of the roving MC of the Thomas event, and when we got on the Thomas (aka Bub) train ride he was there to see us off. Of course, I'm not entirely sure that L-kun knew who he was... but he did have a Trouble Book, and that's got to mean something...

Around we went... wave to Mummy!

And this is what it looked like from the other end of the camera...

And I have to say that L-kun's mood was great the whole trip. The museum may not be as interactive as we would have liked, but it has enough things to do to keep even mildly interested children occupied for ages.

Now around lunchtime there was an event called something like "The Fat Controller Polishes the Engine"... and whilst I was a little concerned at what that might mean (euphemistically) we went along. As it turned out, it wasn't the Fat Controller doing the polishing at all, but rather it was up to the children to volunteer to polish a Gordan-substitute. L-kun didn't need to be asked twice. Indeed he didn't even need to be asked once, but grabbed a cloth and started polishing without and direction from parents at all. Why can't he do that more around our home though! By the way - any OH&S specialists (or lawyers) should look away now. I was surprised that they were encouraging the kids to get up on the engine itself to clean....

His efforts didn't go without being noticed however, and the Fat Controller tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that L-kun had been selected as the "Best Boy" polisher along with a "Best Girl". At the end of the polishing (and I think the kids could have kept polishing nigh on all afternoon), the Fat Controller announced that Gordon was well-pleased by all that good work (ok... the eruption of smoke from Gordon's smokestack was just a little worrying)...L-kun was called up to the front, along with a girl of the same age.

I'm sure he had absolutely no idea what was going on, and whilst L-kun's a bit of a ham when he's with us... normally he can be quite shy. He did however tell everyone his name, quite proudly... and received a "Driver" Puppet for his efforts.

He may not have been sure why he received the puppet, but he was well pleased. Of course, Mummy and Daddy knew all along that he was the Best Boy.

Now I thought I'd just throw in a couple more of my arty shots. You can tell they're arty, as they're black and white. 

And this is my film noir homage (noting that this might have been more effective if it was night-time, and if L-kun were carrying a cigarette or a gun - preferably both)...[Note: this blog does not condone the use of cigarettes, guns or excessive use of a B&W filter... especially when involving children]

Of course, it's not all about the B&W. L-kun hard at work - even in colour.

And just to show that the National Rail Museum isn't a one train museum... this guy's the real work-horse of the museum, doing most of the load carrying. Bub's (Thomas) is the show-pony. 

Oh - and for those that were wondering from the northern hemisphere... yes, this is the middle of winter. It was a glorious day in Adelaide... cool in the evening, but a beautiful day to go out and about. We complain about the winters a lot, but the reality is that we have it pretty good here.

And here's another shot of my beautiful wife (below). That's the one in the distance, on the right (just in case). Unfortunately, T-chan prefers not being in the photos (at least not the ones on the blog).

 And here's one of yours truly along with Mr Smiley, L-kun. was great day... and it's always good when the first thing that L-kun says is, "when can we come again, Daddy?".


  1. Great photos and really like the ones in black and white!!

    Japan Australia

  2. I wish I did more stuff in B&W... but it's not as easy to do as you might think. Very hard to let go of thinking in colours.

  3. third last photo is really nice!!! love it.

  4. Thanks....I have to say, we tend to take photos of L-kun (parents will be parents), but I do like photographing all sorts of different things - though I perhaps don't get the opportunity as much as I would like.