Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Travel Update to Japan - Travel via HGK and Osaka

Well - I have to say that Qantas have come through (we've taken our travel agents out of the loop)...this morning we rang Qantas and changed the flights to go via Hong Kong (unavoidable for the foreseeable future) but instead of transiting through Tokyo (either Narita or Haneda) we've gone the slightly safer - though slower - path of travelling via Osaka (KIX airport). This has the advantage of avoiding any risk of things going worse. We've also delayed a further 2 days to allow T-chan to collect herself and just to let the dust settle a bit more (it's been a long, stressful week).

Our Qantas contact was especially good in helping us out, and was very patient when we bombarded her with multiple options. Very helpful and very informative. A BIG thumbs up to Qantas.

Stress levels receding - hopefully like the radiation levels in Fukushima.

Update - the power has been at least partially restored to the power station (according to T-chan's parents via skype just now); and at least one of the diesel motors has been restarted. Not sure which reactor they're trying to power up first.


  1. It's crazy how much seems to have happened in Japan with the earthquake, tremors, tsunamis and nuclear problems. I'm pretty happy that I haven't heard anything negative such as looting happening though.
    I'm happy T-chan will get to see her parents soon though. I'm not sure if you mentioned it and I missed it but what about your trip to Japan?

  2. Crazy is an understatement. It's been such a sequence of calamities... it's just a shame that the nuclear incident has overshadowed the vast tragedy that has occurred in the Tohoku region.

    By the way - my trip is still coming up (I leave in April.... to meet T-chan in Tokyo).

    As for looting - there has been some looting in the tsunami affected areas - but in typical Japanese style it's been quite civilised and calm. I think it was a case of people understanding that there was genuine need for things.