Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Qantas Now Stops Over in Hong Kong Enroute to Japan

This afternoon there was a lot of rumor and mis-information going around (including some very disturbing stuff coming out about the recent Shizuoko earthquake of last night...) The worst thing is that you don't know which news source to believe - or which news sources are just too slow to bring the news out.

The other thing that happened is that we've heard on the ABC news that Qantas has stopped flying direct into/out of Narita airport - but instead having a stop-over in Hong Kong to change crews. At first we thought this meant that they were not flying into Narita at all. We haven't heard anything direct from Qantas as yet - but this may be that the change affects only flights up to the 19th so far.

What we don't know is what that means in terms of T-chan's forward flight to Sapporo (now scheduled for the 22nd March). Hopefully this will all calm down shortly.

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