Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Thoughts Tonight....

Actually... watching the footage coming out of NHK World now, I am starting to get quite sick. What a horrible, horrible tragedy. Even though I know that these things all happened over the course of a few minutes on Friday afternoon, the continual release of footage makes it feel as if it's an unending catastrophe.

We need time to draw breath, and need time to grieve.

And I understand that Fukushima Reactor #2 has undergone at least partial meltdown, and radioactivity is being detected (apparently injection of seawater is not working sufficiently to cool the core down). What will happen? The language from the government to me is changing dramatically from one of a semi-controlled situation to one describing a situation that is rapidly going out of control.

It is like a dream where you are perpetually falling - and you never reach bottom.

Of course there will be a bottom, and things will improve - and we all have to have hope and confidence that things can be returned to normal, that life must go on, and that Japan's battered nation can be rebuilt stronger. We have to.

Let us all go to sleep thinking of life... and hope tomorrow brings the first of many better days.

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