Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday T-chan... My Love

If there's anyone out there that reads this blog (firstly thankyou, and secondly, there's most probably better things to do with your life... but thanks again). You will know that my wife and son recently departed for Japan... not exactly the #1 destination at this time. However, the reason they were going was to spend time with my wife's family, and eventually for us all to attend T-chan's brother's wedding in Tokyo.

Well... what you might not know is that today is T-chan's birthday (I won't say how old, but she's still but a spring chicken at heart). And whilst flowers may not have quite the same impact over the internet, they express my love on this very special day (the first birthday T-chan's had with her family since 2002). So here's a small gift from my heart, and from our home... to the most beautiful and loving wife a husband could have.

For my best friend, who is so far away... I love you.

(I'm sure she's either red with embarrassment or rage, or both... or possibly just vomiting sickly sweet nothings... but I just couldn't help myself)


  1. Aw cute. Hope she has a great day (and some real flowers ;P).

  2. I'll wait till I meet her in Japan (in just a little over a week) for the real flowers.

  3. Happy birthday to T-chan! I know she loved this post.
    Yes, you're right. Katya has not been spending her birthdays in Russia, either, and Christmas holidays.
    It must be a wonderful day for T-chan.

  4. I'm sure that T-chan was a little surprised at my bocquet - and laughed when I told her that I managed to get quite a few thorn scratches in collecting and arranging the roses. I have to admit that I'm clumsy!

    I think that the mood is still quite subdued in Japan (even in Sapporo), so birthdays are perhaps not the most joyous of occasions. Life is sort of normal; the normal that we know in dreams. Still - I know she was happy to spend her birthday in Japan with her family.

    Actually, she spent a large portion of the day fitting on kimono for the upcoming wedding. It's a surreal life.

    BTW - discovered that T-chan can now skype to my mobile phone. Works very well - though L-kun keeps wondering why he can't see daddy. Technology brings the world that little bit closer again.