Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday - With Cupcakes!

It was T-chan's father's birthday yesterday, and what with everyone's flu, no one was really feeling in the mood. We've been having high temeratures for 2 weeks now... and Sunday was the first day that L-kun was showing signs of recovery. T-chan however was not... in fact was getting worse.

We wanted L-kun to do draw a Happy Birthday card for ojiichan (grandfather) but he had noooo interest. Then I had the idea of suggesting that L-kun make a birthday cake for ojiichan. Well... the idea certainly inspired L-kun. He was into that idea. Big time.

And this was L-kun's first adventure in cooking (with some help from Mummy and Daddy). Ok - we cheated with some pre-made cup-cake mix...  don't tell anyone.

But L-kun was quite keen to do as much as he could. Chocolate cupcakes have a way of brightening up a sick child for sure. 

And he did pretty well with the mixing...

But needed a little bit of help from #1 assistant to fill the cups... 

But #1 assistant was a little slow... it's hard to get good help these days. 

Now for the frosting, or icing as we'd normally call it. #2 Assistant is called in after a small accident (icing on the thumb) took L-kun out of action temporarily.

And the final touch?.... some choccie pieces on top... fastidiously placed by L-kun according to ancient rules of cupcake cooking (i.e. developed by himself about 5 seconds previously).

And finally... the big moment... a trial run for singing Happy Birthday to ojiichan that night on Skype, and blowing out the candle (coz obviously ojiichan would need some help blowing the candle out from all the way over in Japan). 

It may not have been as nice as a hand-drawn card, but L-kun definitely put his heart (and stomach) into it. That night we skyped and ojiichan really, really enjoyed the song and the cupcakes (even if he did enjoy them vicariously).

Now unfortunately, T-chan's flu has taken a turn for the worst and she's stuck in bed trying to get over it. Ganbatte T-chan, get better!

Japanese Lessons:
Grandfather (familiar) - ojiichan (お祖父ちゃん)
Good luck/do your best - ganbatte (頑張って)
Happy Birthday - otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu (お誕生日おめでとうございます)
To cook (v) - ryōri suru (りょうりする)

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